For my album cover i used 6 different pictures of me, one of me looking at the camera directly while the other five I posed like I was screaming   or in frustration with different color lighting behind me.
I used a flame from the photo resources folder and made the opacity image lower so it will make the mask over my face in the image. I added the five images on the bottom and added a filter to make the images red, orange and yellow.After ward i used a paint brush tool and went around the images and made the images look as if they were getting burnt or being consumed by the darkness. after wars I added the moon and added added red paint over the moon on another layer and lower the opacity with the layer of paint to make the moon look like a blood moon.after touching up the image i added the smoke by adding white with the brush and used the mixer brush to mix the colors to make it seem like its some.Afterwards I added the halo and put a crimson red drop shadow and a glow around the ha…


Over the time of being a photographer i have learned how to edit an image without making it look awful, take photos with higher quality and become more creative by taking unique and different pictures than others.
                                        animal-  scales- i liked this pho0t because the lighting and how the lizard is looking at the camera
                  digital- The Journey-i like how i edited the photo to look like a torn photo
                   animal-Camo-I like how you can see the scales on the lizard it changing its colors
                                 still life- CloudySun-I like it because i have all the clouds in focus
                    open-    RiverSide- I like it because the image is in high quality and have the water current as                                                                                      well
                animal-     The glare-I like the image because it has the reflection and the image is in completely in focus

5 best images of Down Town San Antonio

i like how the image is lighted nicely and its clear


In photography, I have learned many new tricks to take and edit photos. At first, when I started photography I was bad at taking and editing buy after practice and learning. I enjoyed this year and I recommend photography for anyone who wants to do or try it.

I took this picture for a nature shoot, I like the way it looks and all have and looks elegant

I like this image because it gave a certain pattern and replaced its fur

Bubble Project

My favorite image is the first image, the reason why is because you can see all the colors within the soap.
I enjoyed macro photography because it game me a new perspective to take my images from. At first when I started taking the images it was difficult to focus, but after a couple of minutes, I got the hang of it.My favorite is the ant on the flower, the reason why s because of the ant that captures your eye, it sticks out but blend into the image so perfectly making it my favorite image